Beta- Personal branding and lead generation

Course Overview

Beta- if you are somebody who makes good content on Instagram but are unable to make it viral then this is the correct course for you. This course will help you to build your Instagram profile and will also teach you the tips and tricks of making your content go viral on Instagram with the help of reels, fascinating posts and more. Additionally, you will also be learning how to generate 20-25 quality leads from facebook, instagram, whatsapp, linkedln, etc.

Course Details

Instagram growth
How to setup you basic profile
How to start uploading content
Color psychology
How to make reels
How to make igtv
How to create post and carousel
Instagram algorithm
How to increase followers
How to increase engagement
How to build community on Instagram
Hastag stratergy
How to make your content viral
Lead generation
1 - What is a lead
2- Identifying your target audience
3- Targetable domains
4- Lead generation from facebook
5- Lead generation from instagram
6- Lead generation from WhatsApp
7- Lead generation from linkedIn

Hardik banga

Trained more than 500 people on Personal branding and video creation , Content creator on Instagram, Digital affiliate marketer

Archit bhayana

Digital entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, social media marketer and trained more than 500 people on how to make money online.