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We at AcadBuzz provide you with courses in the following domains:

  • Video Creation
  • Personal Branding
  • Social media marketing
  • Stock market
We aim at helping students excel in entrepreneurship, career, and business development so that they can become financially independent and strong.
Along with the courses, we also provide the user an opportunity to become an affiliate marketer and earn on the basis of promotion and sales of our products. (*Terms & conditions apply)


Rohan Chandani

“Hi everyone, this is Rohan. I have gone through the courses that ACADBUZZ provides. They are very extensive and comprehensive and each topic has been discussed thoroughly. This has not only helped me in improving my own skills, but also gave me the confidence to present and share my knowledge for which I am really thankful to ACADBUZZ. The stock market course gave me a really good insight on how to enter the market and that investing in today's world is very important.
Thank You!”


“This is Mehul, the courses provided by acadbuzz are really helpful and innovative, unlike other online courses these can actually help you in mastering the field you are interested in. I have always been extremely interested in Marketing, so I planned to do their personal branding and lead generation course, this program has given me a lot of knowledge and has helped me learn more about lead generation.

Thank you!”